Supporting our Maui County Community

-Passed an alcohol consumption ban at County Parks where Youth Centers are located, helping to establish safe and healthy environments for our youth.

-Created two-hour parking at the County parking lot on Baldwin Avenue to allow for improved traffic flow.

-Passed a change in zoning and a district boundary amendment for the Makawao Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses to officially designate their land to allow a church.

-Introduced a resolution urging the State of Hawaii and relevant Federal Agencies to join with the County of Maui to develop a long-term management plan to reduce the axis deer population.

-Led a correction to a zoning and community plan error for a single-family lot in Paia, allowing them to make alterations to their structure.  This effort clarified that if a change in zoning or community plan is necessary, the Council can initiate a change without requiring the lengthy and costly Environmental Assessment and change in zoning process.

-Facilitated an agreement with Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, the Department of Parks and Recreation and other stakeholders to allow for Kitesurfing at Hookipa Beach Park.

-Worked with the Office of the Mayor and Alexander & Baldwin to open the Paia Mini-Bypass 24 hours a day.

-Secured $10,000 for Teens on Call to maintain the Paia By-Pass in FY 2012, 2013 and 2014 Budgets. 

-Earmarked $100,000 for the Open Space, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, and Scenic Views Preservation Fund to acquire additional land at the 4th Marine Park in Haiku.

-Secured $150,000 in FY 2014’s Budget to fund the repair of the Kalakupua Playground at Fourth Marine Park in Haiku.

-Introduced and passed 3% across the board increases to all non-profits funded by the County in the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget.

-Secured $10,000 for the 4-H Exhibits at the Upcountry Fair in the FY 2014 Budget.

-Earmarked $1,000,000 for Mitchell Pauole Community Center Improvements in the FY 2014 Budget.

-Supported and worked with Maui Ecnomic Development to initiate a $30 a month fee for fixed-route passes for people with physician-certified disabilities.

-Supported the prohibition of tobacco use and tobacco products in County Parks.

Streamlining our Government

-Introduced a bill to establish an Office of the County Auditor to bring a higher level of accountability and efficiency throughout the County of Maui that was ultimately passed by Maui County voters in 2012.

-Introduced a resolution authorizing the Council Chair to procure a performance and greens audit of the Waiehu Municipal Golf Course.

-Passed a resolution authorizing a new and revised appraisal for the lands the County was looking to purchase at Launiupoko.

-Passed a bill to tighten qualification requirements of the Homeowners Exemption to ensure only full-time residents receive real property tax breaks.

-Streamlined the County’s operational costs in the FY 2012 and FY 2013 Budget by cutting premium pay (overtime) across all County departments, curbed the increase of expansion positions within the County, which could be filled through Mayor Arakawa’s attrition policy.  Reduced funding for non-essential vehicles.

-Obtained a status report on all Affordable Housing Fund projects and the success of tax payer funding.

-Worked with the Board of Ethics to develop a fair and equal treatment policy for the County of Maui, the last County in the State to adopt such policy.  The measure will be introduced for possible consideration on the 2014 ballot.

-Working with the Board of Ethics to enhance penalties for ethics violations.

-Introduced a bill to revise appraisal requirements for proposed county purchases of real property if the purchase price of the property is $1,000,000 or more.

-Introduced a bill to require the County’s Administration to create a five year operating plan, similar to the six year Capital Improvement Project plan that is required under the Charter.

Supporting Jobs and Economic Development

-Supported exemptions for certain projects from the County’s Water Availability Policy or also known as “Show Me the Water” bill.

-Currently working with the Chair of the Housing, Human Services and Transportation to significantly reduce the impacts of the Workforce Housing Bill to ease impacts on developers and anticipate passage by mid-2014.

-Supported the opening of the Hamakuapoko Wells to be used as a backup source of water, allowing the Pookela Well to be put into full-time production.  The additional water availability allowed the Department of Water Supply to provide water meters to approximately 500 households on the Upcountry waiting list.

-Voted to pass the 201H Kahoma Village Residential Project (Lahaina).

-Voted to pass the 201H Waikapu Gardens Phase II Affordable Housing Project (Waikapu).

-Voted to pass the Community Plan Amendment and Change in Zoning for the Proposed Kihei High School (Kihei).

-Voted to pass the 201H Kahoma Residential Subdivision (Kihei).

-Voted to pass the Community Plan Amendment, Project District Phase I Approval, and change in zoning for the Pulelehua Project (Lahaina).

-Assisted in the passage of the Economic Development Revolving Fund in cooperation with the Office of the Mayor to help develop new opportunities for new industries.

-Introduced proposals to increase funding for the Maui Visitors Bureau to grow marketing efforts and to bolster our economy.

-Supported our local economy by proposing, securing and supporting nearly
$1.3 million for economic development initiatives, environmental protection, traffic safety, non-profit funding and events in the FY 2012, FY 2013 and FY 2014 County Budget.

-Led the discussion and formulation of a $559 million FY 2014 Budget, $15 million less than what was submitted by the Administration, while simultaneously curbing tax increases and maintaining Capital Improvement Projects.

-Coordinated with the Makawao Community Association, Makawao Main Street Association, the Office of the Mayor and the State Department of Transportation to erect “Historic Makawao Town” signs on Haleakala Highway.  One restaurant owner commented that once the sign was in place he needed to hire 3 new employees due to increased business.

-Worked with the Office of the Mayor and the Maui Police Department to alleviate Wednesday parking concerns in Makawao Town and homelessness at Lower Paia Beach Park, which helped to improve the business climate in our small towns.

Other Notable Actions

-Appointed the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee only after one term on the Council, quickly gaining the respect of colleagues. 

-Chaired the Budget & Finance Committee’s inaugural Temporary Investigative Group (TIG). It was the first time a TIG was established by the Council; it was tasked with reviewing real property tax assessments for agricultural versus non-agricultural lands.

Introduced Items to Council

-Update on the development of an Upcountry Dog Park

-Improvements to Kanaha & Hookipa beach parks

-Review of Maui County Film Initiatives

-Update on Commercial Ocean Recreation Activity Ordinance

-Hearing on the Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Week Maui County finalists

-Update on the County Employment Attrition Policy

-Review of the impacts of Axis Deer in Maui County

Accomplishments as the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee

-Led a nationwide search to identify and hire Maui County’s first County Auditor.

-Approved a bill to simplify the real property tax assessment notice, allowing it to be transmitted through electronic means.

-Approved cost items for collective bargaining increases for the following unions: State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), Hawaii Governmental Employees Union (HGEA), Hawaii Fire Fighters Association (HFFA), and United Public Workers (UPW).

-Approved the following Budget Amendments to support:

oKulamalu Affordable Housing Project for the County of Maui to allow for additional affordable rentals for working families.

oRoad resurfacing on Baldwin Avenue.

oReplacement of the Hana Ballfield septic tank.

oInstallation of a Central Maui Landfill Wind Turbine.

oCounty Pools opening during holidays.

oInstallation of Lahaina Recreation Center ball field lights.

oResurfacing of the tennis courts at the Lahaina Civic Center.

oRenovation and acquisition of an apartment complex for affordable housing by the Family Life Center.

oWest Maui Recycled Water System Expansion by the Department of Environmental Management.

oAppropriated $150,000 for the Kalakupua Playground restoration as a grant to Haiku Community Association – allowing for a public-private partnership.

oAdditional Clerk for the Department of Water Supply to help with billing changes from every two months to every month.

oApproved $300,000 in funding to replace a 25 year old, inoperable rescue boat and trailer for the Kahului Fire Station.

oApproved a $200,000 appropriation to complete an Archaeological Inventory Survey (“AIS”) for the Mokuhinia Ecosystem Restoration Project in West Maui.

oAppropriated $864,000 to maintain core services and responsibilities at the landfill and refuse collection in the Department of Environmental Management.

- Recognized revenue for the following programs to proceed:

oCommunity Development Block Grant Funds for the Lanai Health Center.

oWar Memorial Stadium Improvements.

oDepartment of Fire and Public Safety to purchase a skid-mounted pump and pneumatic lift bags.

oOld Haleakala Highway Sidewalk.

oStudy to establish reconstruction guidelines and protocols for following major coastal storm events.

oDepartment of Prosecuting Attorney’s Criminal Justice Information System Program.

oDepartment of Police for additional redundancy of the Department’s data storage servers and to upgrade the Department’s Computer Aided Dispatch system.

oDepartment of Housing and Human Concerns – Aging and Disability Resource Center Expansion.

Accomplishments as the Chair of the Economic Development, Agriculture, and Recreation Committee

-Brought together many segments of the community impacting the Economic Development sectors including the Maui County Farm Bureau, Office of Economic Development, Maui Visitors Bureau, and Maui Economic Development Board to present to the Council the full array of economic opportunities and developments throughout Maui County.

-Successfully refocused the Council to realize the importance of the Maui Visitors Bureau as the chief marketing agency for Maui County.   75% of the Maui Economy is driven by visitors.  In turn, development and construction depend on a vibrant economy.

-Accepted Real Property from the State for a Veterans Center in Kihei and from Hana Ranch for a Park.

-Accepted Playground Equipment from the Wailuku Heights Community Association, from the State of Hawaii at Wailuku Elementary School and the Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center.

-Authorized leases to the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Boys & Girls Club of Maui in West Maui and Makawao and Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. at Eddie Tam Park.

-Authorized the acceptance of 27.5 acres of park in the Kehalani Subdivision, Wailuku for schools and residents to utilize.

-Moved forward a bill to authorize Parks Security Officers to issue parking citations and prohibiting unauthorized commercial activity in parks

-Approved first amendment to Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament license agreement.

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