Key Issues

I plan to continue pursuing these issues if reelected.  To read more about my accomplishments - click here.

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Maui County operating expenses are growing faster than County revenues. More difficult decisions lie ahead, and the challenges will require a disciplined yet compassioned approach.

  2. Nearly $60 million, three fourths of the County’s savings, have been used up to cover increasing costs over the past 3 years.

  3. Since 2000, Maui County has added nearly 800 jobs, an increase of nearly 40% while the private sector has grown by less than 6%. County jobs in Maui have grown twice as fast as the Big Island and three times faster than Kauai.

Visitor Industry and Business Voice on the Council

  1. A healthy visitor industry is vital to job creation and Maui’s recovery.

  2. The thousands of residents in the visitor industry and businesses that benefit from the visitors deserve to be represented by a voice of experience on the Council.

  3. The visitor industry makes up 75% of Maui’s economy and provides a significant amount of the County’s financial support. It is critical that the County be supportive of all visitor related businesses that provide this significant income stream.

Bring more aloha, respect, trust and cooperation to the process of County Government

  1. For Maui to move ahead in these tough economic times, the County, community and business leaders must come together to facilitate the recovery and re-growth of jobs.

  2. Streamline the permitting process and make the application of the rules more predictable and understandable especially in our historic towns.

  3. Provide training and support for County employees in customer service positions to ensure that the public’s interactions are helpful and positive.

Energy Conservation and Renewables

  1. Maui County must do its part to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  2. Establish a Renewable Energy Retrofit Assistance Program to encourage residential users to take advantage of current State and Federal tax credits for renewable energy installations.

  3. Establish a Renewable Energy Trust as recommended by the Maui Clean Energy Alliance to coordinate private and public efforts to expand the use of renewable energy solutions.

  4. Continue to support and expand the Maui Bus and Maui Commuter transportation systems.

  5. Create a safe network of bike paths to encourage non-automotive alternates for short to moderate commutes.

Affordable housing

  1. More multi-family housing options added to the mix of affordable solutions in our more urban areas.

  2. Affordable units should be built adjacent to adequate, existing infrastructure.

  3. If appropriate, change zoning to facilitate the movement of affordable projects.

  4. The County should consider using its bonding capacity to finance a significant portion of the infrastructure needed for affordable units.

  5. What was the formula for building Kahului?


  1. Maui County must move forward with the development of more resources, storage and transmission lines.

  2. As new wells are developed, alternate energy sources should be utilized to augment the electricity needed to power the pumps.


  1. Supporting agriculture is critical to preserving Maui County's way of life.

  2. Work to make it easier to bring the farmers and buyers together in a more efficient manner.

  3. Continue to provide low water rates and property taxes for active agriculture.


  1. Preservation of our natural resources is critical to Maui County ’s future. Maui Nui ’s beauty and environmental integrity not only makes this a wonderful place to live, but they are also the foundation of our visitor industry.

  2. We must provide and protect significant portions of Maui for open space.

  3. Maui should avoid the sprawl that has happened elsewhere. Where possible and appropriate, build up rather than out.

  4. Provide balanced growth to allow for the creation of opportunities for our residents and jobs for our children.

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